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dental implants plano txDon’t hide your smile any longer. If you’re missing one or multiple teeth, our dental implants in Plano TX are the preferred choice of our patients. This procedure consists of a metal screw that’s surgically placed into the jawbone before the visible part of the tooth, commonly known as the crown, is attached to the stop of the screw. There are other options, as well, including implants that support a denture or partial denture that provide a more stable smile compared to common, conventional dentures.
If you don’t replace a missing tooth, your dental health is in jeopardy. There’ll be shifting, higher risk of infection, and other issues that are hard to heal. After healing is all is said and done, your dental implant will look and act like your natural, surrounding teeth, providing you with a newly transformed and improved smile. Learn more about our procedure below at Preston Park Dental.
What are the advantages of dental implants?
The biggest advantage patients find with dental implants is the return of confidence they experience once their smile is fully restored. There’s nothing better than sharing a bright, healthy grin with family, friends, and strangers. If you’ve lost a tooth due to infection or an accident, replacement options are available, so you won’t have to hide your smile any longer.
If you’ve gone without replacing your tooth for a long period of time, bone loss in the jawbone occurs. Without this support, it’ll be difficult to properly replace the tooth and the recovery period will extend. During your consultation, we’ll highly suggest replacing the missing tooth as soon as possible once we’ve concluded that this procedure is best for your smile.
With proper care and recovery time, your Plano dental implants will last a lifetime! You won’t have to worry about cavities on this implant, but it still needs the proper care that the rest of your surrounding teeth receive. All you’ll need to do is keep up with your oral hygiene routine and your smile will be grateful in more ways than one. There’s no strain, shifting, or extra steps for care during your daily life. Simply visit Preston Park Dental so Dr. O’Quinn can ensure everything looks good and healthy.
Who can get dental implants?
If you’re generally in good health, then you’re a great candidate for our dental implants. There is a lot to consider if a patient has lost any teeth due to harmful habits like tobacco use and gum disease, but thankfully, their smile typically qualifies if the proper procedures are performed before the implant surgery, like a deep cleaning or root planning. We encourage patients who smoke cigarettes and want to replace any missing teeth to quit the bad habit; you’re at a much higher risk of infection and poor healing since the tobacco impedes the process.
If you’re a patient with diabetes, we encourage you to let Dr. O’Quinn know to discuss the management of your diabetes and how to properly schedule your future surgery.
plano tx dental implantsWhat are the different types of dental implants?
No two smiles are the same, so your treatment won’t be the same as someone else’s. Dr. O’Quinn creates personalized treatment plans for every patient depending on their dental needs and what’s best for their smile in the future. Your treatment will depend on how many teeth you’re missing and their locations.
• Single Implant: This replaces only tooth. If you’re missing multiple teeth, but in all different positions, we may recommend a single implant for these areas to protect and strengthen your smile.
• Implant Bridges: This option replaces several teeth that are in a row. During this procedure, two more implant posted are surgically inserted into your jaw and a dental bridge is attached. The bridge includes the custom-made false teeth that are made to personally and naturally match your smile for a seamless transition.
• Implant Dentures: This option is an alternative to conventional dentures and replaces all the teeth on either the top or bottom areas of your mouth. There are four or more implant posts screwed into the jaw and the denture is attached to them, providing complete stability and a shining smile.
What happens during the dental implant procedure?
There are several steps throughout your Plano dental implants procedure, the first being an evaluation. Dr. O’Quinn takes x-rays to look at the structure and strength of your jawbone, as well as the positions of the remaining teeth in your mouth. We’ll converse about your overall health, including your diet, habits, and oral hygiene routine, and ensure that you’re a good candidate for this restorative service. We’ll walk you through your personalized treatment, how to prepare, and the recovery period. Remember, no two smiles are made the same, so we’ll be as detailed as possible of your process.
During your first appointment for the surgery, we’ll make incisions in your gums in order to insert the titanium implant screws to your jawbone before closing and securing your gums around the implant. After this, we’ll wait about three to six months for your gums to heal and your jawbone to fuse with the implant post. This process is called osseointegration. Your next visit, after you’ve properly healed, will have Dr. O’Quinn attach the abutment to your implant. This piece allows the false tooth, or teeth, to attach. The final stage attaches the crown, bridge, or denture to the abutment, giving your smile a completely natural look and feel.
How do you take care of the dental implants?
During the healing process after the titanium posts are placed, we recommend sticking to soft foods. Eating chewy, crunchy or sticky foods will irritate the area and cause your stitches to open. Rinse your mouth out with salt water to prevent infections, as well as any pain relievers Dr. O’Quinn recommends to keep you comfortable.
After the healing process and your crowns/bridge/dentures are placed, you’ll care for your dental implants just like the rest of your teeth. Avoid chewing things like ice and hard candy, since they’ll still damage your implants just like they would your natural teeth. Brush your teeth gently, but thoroughly, and be sure to floss at least once a day. Dr. O’Quinn will give you the time periods for checkups to ensure the implants are working and healing properly.
To learn more and schedule your consultation for our dental implants in Plano TX, call Preston Park Dental at (972) 519-1990 and we’ll pick the best date and time for your visit. We can’t wait to provide you with the new and improved smile you deserve!
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